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Data-driven marketing companies leverage more of their strategic data and data-driven marketing tools for better decision making and target marketing. Data-driven marketing solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns across the spectrum of marketing activities from branding and awareness, trail and loyalty, to new product launch and digital marketing.


  • Leverage quality data-driven marketing tools and processes to increase prospect-to-customer conversion rates
  • Compile and cleanse data from internal and external data sources for more precise targeting
  • Create 360-view of prospects and customers for a personalized customer experience
  • Track prospects and customers as they move households with national change of address
  • Cut postage and printing marketing campaigns costs with de-duplication and house-holding
  • Increase data-driven marketing campaign precision and performance with increasing sales

improvement in Marketing ROI for companies that put data at the center of marketing decisions


of marketers are hindered by the quality of their customer data


1/3 of data scientists report spending 90% of their time cleansing data

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