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A well designed and deployed data governance program can generate business benefits from a better definition and use of the most important corporate strategic asset… data. Data governance is a defined process an organization follows to ensure that high quality data exists throughout the complete business lifecycle. The key focus areas of data governance include data ownership, quality, availability, usability, integrity and security. This includes establishing processes to ensure important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise, and the data can be trusted for decision-making.  The processes used in data governance include accountability for any adverse event that results from poor data quality. Data governance also describes an evolutionary process for a company including setting up the processes to handle information so that it may be utilized by the entire organization.


  • Create data governance guidelines and policies to create trusted information
  • Implement a systematic data profiling and analysis process for data stewards
  • Identify and remediate data inconsistencies between operating units
  • Deploy data definition creation, review and approval process for data owners
  • Define data standards, rules and policies to ensure data compliance
  • Gain insight into the quality of data and impact to the organization
  • Assess data governance readiness by identifying gaps in data quality
  • Monitor data quality dimensions including accuracy, completeness, conformity, consistency, integrity and timeline

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