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Businesses can benefit from greater operational efficiencies from deploying both tactical and strategic data initiatives.  Operational efficiency can be defined as the ratio between the output gained from the business and the input to run a business operation.  When improving operational efficiency, the output to input ratio improves.  Inputs would typically be money, people, resources and time.  Outputs would typically be revenue, new customers, customer loyalty, market differentiation, production, innovation, quality, speed, agility, complexity or opportunities.


  • Create data quality processes and procedures to help standardize data definitions
  • Standardize, cleanse and consolidate data for mergers and acquisitions
  • Prepare your data for trustworthy reporting and analytics to enable better decisions
  • Enhance sales and service territories with geographic distribution of customers
  • Balance staffing & resource allocation across customer time zones based on volume
  • Optimize customer delivery routes for on-time deliveries and reduced shipping costs
  • Boost sales effectiveness through more efficient appointment scheduling

of companies have suffered losses or problems due to poor data quality


of companies have no metrics and no way of knowing what poor-quality data is costing their organizations


of companies believe their bottom line is affected by inaccurate and incomplete data

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