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Customer Success Stories

Customer: Peachtree Data

Success with Firstlogic DQ for over 20 Years!

Much has changed in how companies communicate with customers and prospects since Peachtree Data opened their Duluth, Georgia data quality and address cleansing business in 1994. One thing that hasn’t altered in all that time is the software solution the company relies upon to run their operation. For the past twenty years, Peachtree Data has tapped the technology provided today by Firstlogic Solutions to meet the developing needs of their customers.

About half the company’s customers are organizations using contact lists for their own communication projects after Peachtree Data has standardized, deduped, and enhanced their data files. The other half of their business is supporting list brokers, agencies, and other service providers that use the cleansed data for their customer’s direct mail or multi-channel marketing efforts. “Regardless of the customer, every data record we process today runs through Firstlogic’s DQ10 software suite,” says Peachtree Data President Richard

Latest Improvements Meet Customer Demands

Firstlogic DQ10 allows Peachtree Data to handle job sizes varying from a few hundred records to 60 million. The new multi-threaded architecture Firstlogic Solutions added to the latest software release simplifies operations, even with a wide disparity of volumes. “The system just uses more processor power and memory when the job needs it,” says West. Peachtree Data regularly processes 100,000 records in five minutes or less with Firstlogic DQ10.

“Regardless of the customer, every data record we process today runs through Firstlogic’s DQ10 software suite,”

Richard West | President | Peachtree Data

A Steady and Reliable Partnership

Though Peachtree Data has remained a loyal user of Firstlogic software tools, they have had opportunities to switch software vendors over the years. The core postal processing software, including Address Correction and Encoding (ACE), DataRight IQ (DIQ) and Match/Consolidate (MCD) have always been available, but mergers and acquisitions resulted in several changes in the entities offering the products. Mr. West is a big fan of Firstlogic software but is honest about his concern over support and continuity when ownership changes took place. “We were thrilled to see Firstlogic Solutions acquire the Postalsoft suite of tools and make significant improvements to the platform. We looked at alternatives, but nothing else stacked up,” he explained.

Changing vendors for address standardization, move updates, de-duplication and house-holding would have required converting Peachtree Data’s established scripts and job files. Time and resources allocated to migration and testing would have been significant. Sticking with the proven reliability and performance of Firstlogic products was the best move.

“We’ve been using the software for over twenty years and it just keeps working”

Richard West | President | Peachtree Data

Mr. West notes some of their job files developed with their original Firstlogic software are still running today, with no developer intervention required. He attributes this outstanding feat to the Edjob utility that comes with every product update. Edjob scans the existing job set-up scripts and automatically makes any adjustments necessary for the newest version.

Firstlogic Solutions Helps Prepare for the Future

Peachtree Data has changed with the times as technological advancements expand the capabilities of customer communications. Today, the company is helping their customers with data enhancement features such as appending email addresses or cell phone numbers to data files, enabling their customers to communicate electronically through email and text messages.

“Just because a message isn’t printed and mailed, doesn’t mean the recipient’s physical mailing address is less important,” notes West. An accurate mailing address allows Peachtree Data to append relevant demographic information to customer files. This additional data controls images marketers place in electronic communications, modifies the offers, adjusts language preferences, and improves performance by targeting prospects most likely to respond.

Data will be the most important element in determining the success of customer communications in the future. Bad data or incomplete information can damage relationships with present and prospective customers. Consumers exposed to a high level of personalization and relevance through online shopping and other applications have amplified their expectations for all marketing and business correspondence.

“Just because a message isn’t printed and mailed, doesn’t mean the recipient’s physical mailing address is less important,”

Richard West | President | Peachtree Data

With customer experience expected to replace price as the most important distinguishing factor among competitors, companies must make the investments necessary to ensure the data on which they base their customer messaging is accurate. Companies like Peachtree Data are using software from Firstlogic to help their customers achieve enhanced response and conversion rates today and in the future.

Whether Peachtree Data’s customers communicate by mail or electronically, the company will continue to rely on Firstlogic Solutions as a key partner in the company’s growth and evolution.

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