Customer Experience

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Customer Experience

Serve your customers with better data.


Poor address data quality causes customer inconvenience

Missed or delayed deliveries to your customers due to bad address data. Data-entry can result in malformed or incorrect shipping addresses, which very often cause missed or delayed shipments.


Address cleansing for customer addresses

Correct malformed customer addresses using AIQ or SAP DQM. With Firstlogic Address IQ or SAP Data Quality Manager, you can create and schedule data cleansing jobs that will regularly cleanse your customer address database, ensuring the best format for reliable mailing.

Address autocompletion. When using your product, customers could benefit from the convenience and time-save of address autocomplete suggestions as they enter shipping and billing information. This has the added benefit of ensuring that your customers enter a valid deliverable address.

Software for Customer Experience:

Data-Driven Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing