Firstlogic Data Quality IQ Suite

Data Quality IQ

Our suite of self-managed software for the complete Data Quality lifecycle, hosted on‑premise or in‑cloud.

Simple, easy-to-use suite of data quality applications for U.S. and Canada file preparation, address cleansing, geocoding, data cleansing & matching. A good fit for any sized company. Our Data Quality IQ Suite offers an a la carte selection process so you only purchase what is tailor-made to your use case.

Data Completeness

Data and address verification, standardization, and matching for robust customer profiles, at scale.

Modular Design

The Data Quality IQ Suite features a modular design, allowing your company to choose only the capabilities you need. Our modules provide great value separately or when working together.

Flexible Deployment

Our self-managed suite supports your infrastructure, from a single server to big data and cloud.

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Address IQ
Address Correction & Enhancement
Address correction, change of address, deliverability and address geocoding using USPS address directory data and leading geocoding data providers.
Address Correction & Enhancement
Cleanse your address data by checking against the authoritative USPS® CASS™ and Canada Post® directories

USPS® ZIP + 4®

DPV®, LACSLink® & SuiteLink®

RDI™ & Z4CHANGE data

Canada address data

Transform physical mailing addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates, plus other enhancements


U.S. Census TIGER/Line data

NCOA / Change of Address
Identify the millions of consumers and businesses that file USPS® NCOALink® change of address notices every year
DSF2 Processing
Increase mail deliverability performance leveraging USPS® DSF2® data
Batch Processing
Correct, standardize and update customer data across one or more databases using tried-and-true batch jobs.
File Preparation
Address IQ includes Firstlogic FirstPrep®, our tool for data file preparation.

Prepare data files for further processing

Create format and definition files

Convert file types and merge multiple files

Real-time SDK
Easily integrate address lookup into your existing systems, perform single address lookup in near real-time, and validate customer information before it enters your database.

Developer APIs for Address Cleansing, NCOA, DSF2 Processing, and Geocoding

Java, .NET, C++ APIs available

DataRight IQ
Data Standardization
Parse, standardize, and cleanse all types of data including names, firms, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, dates, or any user-defined pattern for custom data.
High-volume list conversion
Up to 255 input files in any record layout, including:





Intelligent cleansing & enhancement for names
User modifiable dictionaries for parsing and capitalization, pre-names, and nickname-matching for individuals.
Advanced data rules & filtering
Scripting for output field creation or filtering of output data.

User defined pattern matching

Boolean expressions for your filters

Match IQ
Data Matching & Consolidation
Powerful data matching, deduplication, householding, and consolidation by leveraging sophisticated fuzzy matching algorithms including both deterministic and probabilistic matching techniques to identify unique relationships.
Combine various sources of information both internal and external in order to detect duplicate data records.

Data matching within & between data sources

Corporate & consumer householding

Built-in transforms
Create multiple match definitions, with each definition able to hold multiple criteria. Our match definitions are configurable with options including:

Logical AND/OR expressions

Confidence scores with custom weights

Deterministic and probabilistic matching transforms

Consolidation & Deduping
Use data from matched groups to form a single best record or to merge all duplicate records across your datasources.

Resolve duplicates within or across data sources

Custom merge behavior & output file support

Custom output files & reporting
Break down the matching process into summary reports and statistics files that provide the high level information.
Geocode IQ
Lat/Long & Demographic Data
Geocode IQ™ transforms physical mailing addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates and appends census and demographic data for target marketing, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, tax compliance, and business planning.
Address-Level Geocoding
Address-Level Geocoding converts physical addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates using multiple industry leading geocoding directory providers.
Parcel-Level Geocoding
Parcel-Level latitude and longitude is determined by pinpointing the center of a land parcel. Parcel-Level geocoding is best for use in rural or undeveloped areas lacking the structure of street grids and city blocks.
Census codes and TIGER/Line data
Geocode IQ can append census codes such as Census Tract/Block and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to your records based on ZIP+4 codes, in addition to providing TIGER/Line data in some cases. This unlocks added geographic/regional information along with our geocodes, including:

Census Tract/Block

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Legislative/Congressional District

County & County subdivision

Enhance IQ
Data Enhancement & Demographics
Enhance IQ® is a hybrid on-premise/in-cloud platform delivering on-demand services to enhance marketing databases and mailing lists with address validation, change of address, geocoding, data matching, data suppression, data appending and consumer demographics.
U.S. Address Cleansing & Enhancement
U.S. Address Cleansing & Enhancement

CASS™ address verification

NCOALink® change of address

DSF2® walk sequence

Geocoding – parcel or rooftop level

Proprietary change of address (PCOA)

Enhanced change of address (ECOA)

Canada Address Cleansing & Enhancement
Canada Address Cleansing & Enhancement

Address standardization

Change of address

Data Cleansing & Enhancement
Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Deduplication – address, family, or individual level

Data Appending for names, apartment numbers and more

Data Suppression for deceased, prison, DMA

Email verification & Email append

Consumer Demographics Enhancement
Consumer Demographics Enhancement

Date of birth

Education level


Property type

Household composition

and 30+ more

Workflow IQ
Java, .Net, and C++ Real-time SDK
Firstlogic® Workflow IQ® allows customers to embed global address cleansing, data cleansing, matching, geocoding and enhancement capabilities inside custom workflows and applications.