35 Years of Firstlogic Software

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The name “Firstlogic” as a premier supplier of address data quality software might be familiar to you. The Firstlogic name first came into use in 1997. Before then, the industry knew our software as Postalsoft. Doug Schmidt started Postalsoft in LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 1984, with our flagship products: 

  • ACE® Address Correction and Encoding – Our suite of postal address correction and enhancement solutions 
  • Match/Consolidate® – For data matching, deduplication, householding, and data consolidation 
  • DataRight® – For parsing, standardizing, and enhancing all types of data 

Firstlogic, Inc was acquired by Business Objects in 2006, then Business Objects was subsequently acquired by SAP in 2008. At that time, we again became an independent software company named Firstlogic Solutions, LLC. In addition to our core products, we added sales, service and support for SAP’s data quality offerings.

Today, we’re Firstlogic Solutions with headquarters in Duluth, Georgia serving customers across the USA. We provide marketing departments, data analysts, and fulfillment operations with the ability to deliver accurate and optimized data, personalized messages, and superior customer service. Our development and support professionals are highly acclaimed and continuously innovate enhancements to our products. 

Firstlogic Office
Our North Georgia office


Along with our physical presence, our Firstlogic product offering grew too – which now includes: 

Address IQ® includes our suite of postal address correction and enhancement solutions such as USPS and Canada Post Address Cleansing & Verification, national change of address (NCOA), mail delivery route sequencing, geocoding, and file preparation. Long-time customers will remember the previous name for the software, Firstlogic ACE® (Address Correction and Encoding). As of May 2022, all of the functionality from Firstlogic ACE has consolidated under the Firstlogic Address IQ product.

Match IQ™ which provides powerful data matching, deduplication, householding, and data consolidation by leveraging sophisticated fuzzy matching algorithms including both deterministic and probabilistic matching techniques to identify unique relationships.  

DataRight IQ® which parses, standardizes, and enhances all types of data, including names, firms, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and dates, as well as user-defined patterns and data.  

GeoCode IQ™ which transforms physical mailing addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates and appends census and demographic data for target marketing, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, tax compliance, and business planning. 

Enhance IQ® which is a hybrid on-premise/in-cloud platform delivering on-demand services to enhance marketing databases and mailing lists with U.S. and Canada address validation, change of address, geocoding, data matching, data suppression, data appending and consumer demographic enhancement. 

Workflow IQ® which allows customers to embed address cleansing, data cleansing, matching and enhancement capabilities inside custom workflow applications via Java, .NET, and C++ APIs. 

Additionally, we sell, service and support the following SAP products:  

For over 35 years, the team at Firstlogic has provided companies with tools to improve the quality of the data they need to achieve their business goals. Here’s to 35 more!