Data Stewardship

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Data Stewardship

Data stewardship is a defined process an organization follows to ensure that high quality data exists throughout the complete business lifecycle. This includes establishing processes to ensure important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise, and that data can be trusted for decision-making.


Enforcing data policies is cumbersome across a large, multi-silo company

Ensuring complete data standards documentation, enforcing data policies, and following data-related regulations can be challenging, particularly when dealing with multiple team silos. The manual work of maintaining data standards across teams can be redundant and error prone, and takes time away from projects that are core to your business.


Establish a Data Stewardship initiative with SAP software

Use SAP Information Steward to consolidate data documentation, enforce data policies, and easily establish guardrails to following data-related regulations.

Software for Data Stewardship:

Geospatial Marketing
Cost Containment