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In the world of retail, it’s crucial that you use validated customer shipping addresses that really work. Retailers rely on Firstlogic software to keep clean customer records and standardize postal addresses for no-hassle deliveries.

Who we work with

  • department & consumer goods stores
  • e-commerce & online retailers
  • travel & tourism

Some of our Customers

How Firstlogic helps retailers

  • Build location-based customer profiles

  • Increase delivery speed and reliability

  • Prevent accidental duplicate mail to marketing recipients

    • Build customer profiles appended with postal address, latitude-longitude geocoding, and ZIP+4
    • Break down data silos to track customer data for omni-channel marketing, segmentation, and retention
    • Standardize addresses using our certified and prebuilt USPS database
    • Enhance customer addresses with ZIP+4 values, proven to result in faster and more precise shipping to customers
    • Firstlogic Match IQ can easily de-duplicate repeated customer records
    • Avoid negative customer experiences by avoiding duplicate promotional material in the mail


Today, simply tracking a package isn’t enough. Retailers and brands that want to thrive need to invest in people, processes and tools that positively impact last mile delivery and customer loyalty.

Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, chief marketing officer at Convey. Third annual consumer expectations study.

Customer Story

C.TRAC Direct is powered by Firstlogic


Direct mail is increasingly data-driven. C. TRAC Direct builds solutions for their customers to drive response with targeted communications. Large data files are common at C.TRAC Direct. They mail over 2 million pieces per day.


C.TRAC Direct has been using Firstlogic’s products to process a diverse collection of applications, dealing with many different data types. The staff relies on DataRight IQ® to handle demanding tasks that require flexible and creative solutions.

The other vendors usually can’t equal the functionality we see from Firstlogic software

Gina Greco, Manager of Data Services

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