SAP Data Integrator

SAP Data Integrator

Integrate data from multiple sources in near-real time with SAP Data Integrator. Enables organizations to extract, transform, and deliver any type of data anywhere, at any frequency. With the software, you can integrate data from a variety of data sources and gain a comprehensive view of your information.

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SAP Data Integrator at a glance
Extract data from unstructured documents
Unlock meaning from unstructured text data.

220 file and text formats supported

semi-structured data in 31 languages

Built-in ETL process

Integrate data from multiple sources
In addition to tight integration with SAP applications, DI also natively supports these data sources:

Microsoft SQL Server

IBM DB2 IBM Informix


HP Vertica



Adapters for Apache Hive, HTTP, JDBC, JMS, MongoDB, and OData

Near real-time speeds
Allows for near-real-time data movement, parallel processing, grid computing, and broad source and target support.
Configurable data targets
Using Data Integrator, you can rapidly load data into any targeted application.

The power of DI

Real-time data replication plus an all-in-one ETL flow makes Data Integrator Ideal for preparing data exports to SAP HANA or other cloud solutions.

Interconnect with SAP Data Hub.

Orchestrate data flows from SAP Data Services through SAP Data Hub. This approach provides computing node and connector options.

Stay connected outside of SAP.

Leverage native support for non-SAP data sources, including:
  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • IBM DB2 IBM Informix

  • Oracle

  • HP Vertica

  • MySQL

  • Netezza

  • Adapters for Apache Hive, HTTP & JDBC

  • Adapters for JMS, MongoDB, & OData

All of your ETL needs in one.

SAP Data Integrator provides Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities.

Data transformations included.

The software lets you perform a wide range of data transformations and choose from a library of powerful, extensible, and reusable functionality for operations such as:
  • Hierarchical flattening for XML files and pipelining

  • Pivot and reverse-pivot of rows and columns

  • Slowly changing dimensions

  • Change data capture

  • Data validation and cleansing

Data transformations included

The comprehensive list of transforms that come with the SAP Data Integrator product.

Data Integrator transforms.

Transforms that allow you to extract, transform, and load data. These transform help ensure data integrity and maximize developer productivity for loading and updating data warehouse environment.
  • Date_Generation

  • Effective_Date

  • Hierarchy_Flattening

  • History_Preserving

  • Key_Generation

  • Map_CDC_Operation

  • Pivot (Columns to Rows)

  • Reverse Pivot (Rows to Columns)

  • Table_Comparison

  • XML_Pipeline

  • Entity_Extraction

Platform transforms.

Transforms that are needed for general data movement operations. These transforms allow you to generate, map and merge rows from two or more sources, create SQL query operations (expressions, lookups, joins, and filters), perform conditional splitting, and so on.
  • Case

  • Map_Operation

  • Merge

  • Query

  • Row_Generation

  • SQL

  • Validation

Frequently asked questions about SAP Data Integrator

Can I purchase Data Integrator separately from the SAP Data Services Platform product?

Yes. You can purchase a stand-alone license of Data Integrator that does not come with the entire Data Services platform. Contact sales and they will be happy to help.

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