Firstlogic for Nonprofits

Our data quality platform delivers reliability and precision to data-driven non-profit organizations.

Who we work with

  • professional associations
  • public charities
  • charitable trusts

Some of our Customers

How Firstlogic software helps nonprofits

  • Address Correction & Enhancement

  • Data matching & de-duplication

  • Change of Address

    • Ensure the accuracy of prospect, customer and vendor location information through USPS® CASS Certified™ address cleansing
    • Cleanse your addresses leveraging the USPS® ZIP + 4®, carrier routes, eLOT®, DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, RDI™ and Z4CHANGE data
    • Target precise locations of your customers and vendors with address-level and parcel-level latitude and longitude geocoding
    • Combine data from multiple sources to compile a single view of each customer
    • Eliminate duplicate data records
    • Use “householding” techniques to identify members of the same household or company
    • Proprietary parsing algorithms identify change of address records for individual family members and businesses
    • Reduces the billion dollar Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) problem faced by the USPS every year
    • Drives higher mail deliverability and greater ROI and cost savings on mailed communications

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