DataRight IQ

Data Cleansing & Standardization

DataRight IQ®

Parse, standardize, and cleanse all types of data - from names, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, dates, or any user-defined pattern for custom data.

DataRight IQ at a glance
High-volume list conversion
Up to 255 input files in any record layout, including:





Intelligent cleansing & enhancement for names
User modifiable dictionaries for parsing and capitalization, pre-names, and nickname-matching for individuals.
Advanced data rules & filtering
Scripting for output field creation or filtering of output data.

User defined pattern matching

Boolean expressions for your filters

What is DataRight IQ?

Firstlogic DataRight IQ is self-managed server software for general-purpose data cleansing. With DataRight IQ, organizations can parse and cleanse data using user-defined patterns. Parse, standardize, and cleanse data such as names, firms, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, dates, and more. Available as a self-managed product, DataRight IQ can be run on-premise or in-cloud depending on your need.

Unlimited Records

Pay by license, not by record. You won't be surprised by usage fees.

Secure Processing

Your data never leaves your server - records are processed entirely offline. Easily comply with privacy best practices and regulations.

All Included

We provide you the software, directories, and know-how to install and manage the software on your own infrastructure.

Database Access

Direct access to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, ASCII, delimited, dBase3, or EBCDIC flat files.

DataRight IQ takes you through the Data Cleansing Process

1. Parsing.

Identifies individual data elements and break them down into their component parts. Using DataRight IQ, you can rearrange data elements in a single field or move multiple data elements from a single data field to multiple discrete fields.

2. Standardization.

Set business rules around formats, abbreviations, acronyms, punctuation, greetings, casing, order, and pattern matching – all examples of elements you can control to meet your business requirements and prepare the data for validation, correction, and accurate record matching.

3. Correction.

Finally, run DataRight IQ to identify and cleanse "dirty data" using built-in and custom algorithms and rulesets.

Built-in cleansing functions and directories

Powerful data manipulation algorithms.

Standardize and personalize your data using your own custom rules, filters, and user-defined pattern matching.
  • Nth Select Type for random user selection

  • Bypass filter exclude

Built-in User Modifiable Dictionaries.

DataRight IQ ships with built-in cleansing packages, also known as User Modifiable Dictionaries (UMDs). These dictionaries are referential data sources collected and packaged to provide extra identification and appending capabilities, including:
  • Prenames

  • Nicknames

  • Firm acronyms

  • Gender codes

Customizeable outputs.

DataRight IQ will allow you to build structures that are Fixed ASCII, Delimited ASCII, DBase3, or EBCDIC.

Why C.TRAC Direct loves DataRight IQ

The other vendors usually can’t equal the functionality we see from Firstlogic software

Gina Greco, Manager of Data Services

Technical Specifications

Supported PlatformsWindows, Linux
Server deployment optionsOn-premise or on a cloud provider of your choice (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)
Minimum System RequirementsFor on-premise installations, a minimum of 1 physical server with 4 CPUs
For in-cloud installations, a minimum of 1 cloud instance with 4 vCPUs
SDK APIsJava, .NET, C++

Frequently asked questions about DataRight IQ

Can I use DataRight IQ to standardize address information?

There is some ability to standardize address information within DataRight IQ, but that is better left to the Address IQ address correction module. Typically, people will use DataRight IQ to standardize name, firm, title, phone, and date elements.

Can I build and use my own User Modifiable Dictionaries?

Yes. UMDs can be managed by using the UMD Views tool that accompanies the product.

What is a DataRight IQ "Search and Replace" Table?

Search and Replace tables can be used within DataRight IQ to programmatically normalize data that needs to be modified on the fly.

Search and Replace tables can be maintained either within the job file or called from an external table that you maintain.


Here’s an example of how one might use this feature:

Simple find and replace

Use Search and Replace you to scan through your data set and replace “&” with “and”.

Placeholder value replacement

Replace a placeholder value with an end result based on your business rules.

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