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Data Matching Software

Firstlogic matching software enables you to reduce data duplication and improve data accuracy within and between your datasources.

The power of matching

Matching operands determine the degree of duplication in all records of one or more captured datasources, returning weighted probabilities of a match between sets of compared records. Your team can then decide which records are matches and execute the appropriate consolidation actions for your source data.

  1. 1
    Connect and integrate data from multiple disparate sources
  2. 2
    Identify individual data elements within your address data and break them out into their component parts
  3. 3
    Cleanse & Verify
    Eliminate common spelling mistakes and format address data to comply with industry standards
  4. 4
    Match & Consolidate
    Create match rules and keys, then run a match job to find which record sets are likely duplicate records in your datasources.
  5. 5
    Merge validated and matched data back to multiple disparate sources or produce customized output files to use in your organization's workflow
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Supported Use Cases

Automated de-duplication jobs

Create scheduled jobs for tasks such as eliminating duplicate data records or running a data file past a suppression list

Building Match keys

Match keys can be simple, such as an account number or customer name, or they can be complex, involving dozens of data fields. Enterprise-grade matching software such as Firstlogic’s allows users to define complex match keys as part of the software workflow.

The power of our matching software

Matching interface & built-in transforms.

Create multiple match definitions, with each definition able to hold multiple criteria. Our match definitions are configurable with options including:
  • Logical AND/OR expressions

  • Confidence scores with custom weights

  • Deterministic and probabilistic matching transforms

Consolidation & Deduping.

Use data from matched groups to form a single best record or to merge all duplicate records across your datasources.
  • Resolve duplicates within or across data sources

  • Custom merge behavior & output file support

A wide range of software options

As an SAP Partner, we offer solutions around both Firstlogic and SAP software, allowing us to meet your need regardless of company size or use-case.

Firstlogic Data Quality IQ Suite

Simple, easy-to-use suite of data quality applications for U.S. and Canada file preparation, address cleansing, geocoding, data cleansing & matching. A good fit for any sized company. Our Data Quality Suite offers an à la carte selection process so you only purchase what is tailor-made to your use case.

SAP Data Services Platform

Centralized enterprise platform for global data profiling, data integration, address cleansing, data cleansing, geocoding and matching. Ideal for mid-market and enterprise data-driven companies and service providers.

Data Quality. Delivered.

For over 35 years, Firstlogic products have set the standard for data quality software. We have decades of experience handling the irregularities and pitfalls that arise when working with customer data & addresses. Firstlogic specializes in providing self-managed, on-premise or in-cloud data quality software that is performant and ready for large datasets.

As a provider of USPS CASS-certified software, we use authoritative data to keep your addresses correct, up-to-date and standardized.

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