Cost Containment

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Cost Containment

Avoid costly errors that increase your company’s direct and indirect costs by implementing world-class data quality software and processes that boost efficiency and cut wasteful spending.


Poor data quality can cost you

There are direct and indirect costs and penalties due to poor or missing data quality processes

In fact: 77% of companies believe their bottom line is affected by inaccurate and incomplete contact data.


Automated data cleansing

Cut printing and postage costs. Ensure only single marketing pieces are mailed to a single household using our matching and deduplication software for your marketing database. Qualify for USPS postage discounts using our CASS address cleansing transforms, reducing the cost of bulk mailing for your organization.

Minimize costs from undeliverable mail and invalid contact info. Limit the high cost of returned mail and packages with precise address cleansing. Minimize lost sales due to undeliverable offers or promotions resulting from undelivered direct mail. Reduce late payments for invoices and statements causing late fees and irritated customers.

Software for Cost Containment:

Data Stewardship
Data-Driven Marketing