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For healthcare and life science companies, security and privacy are crucial considerations. Learn how Firstlogic can help organizations like yours better serve patients while complying with industry regulations.

Who we work with

  • healthcare IT providers
  • healthcare and insurance companies
  • pharmacy benefit managers
  • professional medical associations

Some of our Customers

How Firstlogic helps the healthcare & life sciences industry

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Meet compliance and regulations

  • Update the addresses of your customers as they move

    • Reduce man-hours spent on manually de-duping patient data
    • Utilize an on-premise user interface with turnkey matching and cleansing options
    • Easily deliver precise patient matches across billions of EHR records through batch scheduling or real-time API flows
    • Establish proper data stewardship to comply with medical regulations such as HIPAA
    • Prevent violations of patient privacy
    • Ensure that documents bearing protected information are not mailed to unauthorized individuals
    • Ensure invoices arrive in a timely manner
    • Keep your data up to date when your patients move allowing claims to be submitted with accurate patient information, helping prevent insurance claim denials
    • Use moving data to prompt customers for submitting new address information


Many health care organizations are plagued by data overload. The result is their boards, leaders, and managers don’t have the data they need to identify areas in need of improvement and track progress in addressing them.

Harvard Business Review

Customer Story

C.TRAC Direct is powered by Firstlogic


Direct mail is increasingly data-driven. C. TRAC Direct builds solutions for their customers to drive response with targeted communications. Large data files are common at C.TRAC Direct. They mail over 2 million pieces per day.


C.TRAC Direct has been using Firstlogic’s products to process a diverse collection of applications, dealing with many different data types. The staff relies on DataRight IQ® to handle demanding tasks that require flexible and creative solutions.

The other vendors usually can’t equal the functionality we see from Firstlogic software

Gina Greco, Manager of Data Services

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