Firstlogic Enables High Quality Personalization with DataRight IQ

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Firstlogic releases their newly enhanced data cleansing software, DataRight IQ. Data-driven companies can use DataRight IQ to achieve the data quality needed for personalized campaigns and effective CX.

DULUTH, Ga.March 16, 2023 — Firstlogic has announced the release of their newly enhanced data cleansing software, DataRight IQ®. DataRight IQ handles all the necessary tasks of data reformatting, standardization, and manipulation required to transform disparate data into actionable information that companies use for personalized customer communications. This versatile product is also ideal for combining data sources, normalizing data files, performing mass find-and-replace operations, converting data fields to upper and lower case, and more.

Companies use DataRight IQ to format or standardize a person’s name, firm names, titles, dates, phone numbers and other information so they may enhance customer relationships through personalized communications. The software is one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind available anywhere, an opinion expressed by one Firstlogic customer who says, “The other vendors usually can’t equal the functionality we see from Firstlogic software.”

The software can append or identify data components such as prenames, nicknames, firm acronyms, gender codes, and more via built-in dictionaries users can customize to fit their needs. With DataRight IQ, companies can even separate name components stored in a single field into first name and last name, allowing them to address customers using friendly, first name salutations. DataRight IQ is especially useful in cases such as a merger, when multiple data sources must be standardized to prepare for data validation, correction, matching, and consolidation.

“Companies are focused on building personal connections with their customers, but they want to do it in a way that is efficient and automated,” said Firstlogic Managing Principal, Kenneth Kucera, “This means using internal and external customer information to drive variable data messaging. DataRight IQ helps companies maintain standardized and up-to-date customer data, leading to effective communication with customers.”

Firstlogic supplies customers with all the software and instructions they need to install and manage the software. Companies may run DataRight IQ via their selected cloud server or an on-premise server under a license agreement. Firstlogic does not charge usage fees, so data volumes are unlimited. Customers perform all data operations on their own secure infrastructure. DataRight IQ connects to a variety of common data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, fixed ASCII, delimited ASCII, dBase3, or EBCDIC flat files.

Firstlogic Solutions offers DataRight IQ as a standalone product or as part of the Firstlogic Data Quality IQ™ Suite. To learn more about DataRight IQ and the rest of the Firstlogic Data Quality products, visit the website at

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