Firstlogic Releases Address IQ Enhanced Address Quality Software

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The new release of Address IQ features a real-time SDK option, allowing customers to integrate address-cleansing capabilities into their business workflows and to verify addresses at point-of-entry.

DULUTH, Ga.Feb. 16, 2023 — Firstlogic has announced the release of their newly enhanced USPS CASS certified software product, Address IQ®. With Address IQ, organizations can lower postage, ensure accurate delivery, and enjoy a host of other benefits associated with business decisions based on important data like postal addresses.

Address IQ is a comprehensive tool that helps businesses accurately verify and standardize addresses, ensuring carriers deliver their mail and packages to the correct locations. With Address IQ, users can quickly and easily clean and verify address lists, reduce undeliverable mail, and establish accurate geographical location data.

The newest release of Address IQ is available in both batch and real-time versions and is based on the original ACE platform engineered over the past 40 years. The software uses advanced algorithms and authoritative data sources to find and correct errors in postal addresses. Address IQ provides address validation, address geocoding, change of address, and address sequencing for improved location identification and delivery performance.

The Address IQ batch version is a high-volume, high-performance platform capable of processing millions of records with high precision and speed. Business users can schedule large batch jobs to process on their optimal schedules.

The Address IQ SDK real-time version provides Java, .Net, and C++ API integration with existing business applications. The SDK allows businesses to correct and enhance address data in real time as it enters the business through order processing and CRM systems, websites, or employee data entry.

“We are excited to offer our new Address IQ software to our customers,” said Firstlogic Managing Principal, Kenneth Kucera, “This tool is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their mail and package deliveries or to populate their internal databases with complete and up-to-date address information. With Address IQ, companies can trust the address data they use every day for a wide variety of applications.”

Marketing professionals and mailing specialists know Firstlogic for their parsing engine that extracts postal address elements from data files and validates the information against USPS databases. The software checks whether the address is residential or business (RDI) and if the address is deliverable using USPS Delivery Point Validation (DPV). Clean address data generated by Address IQ is ready to be merged into customer databases.

The software also offers real-time address suggestions and real-time address verification, ensuring that new addresses entering a customer’s database are complete and correct at point-of-entry.

Firstlogic offers Address IQ as a standalone product or as part of the Firstlogic Data Quality IQ Suite. To learn more about Address IQ and the rest of Firstlogic’s Data Quality products, visit

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