Firstlogic Releases Match IQ Enhanced Data Matching Software

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Firstlogic releases their enhanced matching software, Match IQ. Firstlogic’s Match IQ enables effective data matching and deduplication from various sources to provide a comprehensive, “360-degree view” of customers.

DULUTH, Ga.April 26, 2023 –– For years, large enterprise companies have relied on Firstlogic’s Match/Consolidate® software to identify duplicate data and match data from multiple sources. Firstlogic has released a new flagship matching product that replaces Match/Consolidate, called Match IQ®. With Match IQ, users can now enjoy the same robust functionality, and even more features to streamline their data matching processes.

Match IQ is a powerful software solution that enables organizations to effectively merge and consolidate data from various sources, creating a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customers. Due to the disparate nature of enterprise data storage, duplicate and redundant data can often cause issues. Match IQ helps companies overcome these challenges by identifying and resolving duplicates, while connecting previously disconnected data silos. This allows businesses to leverage their data effectively, building personalized customer relationships and improving the overall customer experience.

According to Firstlogic’s Managing Principal Ken Kucera, Match IQ goes well beyond the typical “merge/purge” operation. “Implementing a data matching strategy using Match IQ can help companies save money by enabling them to make more informed business decisions. Clean data helps companies make informed judgments on capital investments, promotional campaigns, store locations, and many other decisions.”

Match IQ offers sophisticated capabilities that are often missing from other data matching software, thanks in part to its use of both deterministic and probabilistic matching methods. Some of the key features of Match IQ include:

List Priority: The software allows users to specify which data to keep as the master record if matching customer data is found on more than one list. With Match IQ, users can assign records from a particular list as the master record, instead of leaving it up to the software to make a random decision.

Dynamic Match Keys: Unlike most deduping software that requires users to build match keys as a separate step, Match IQ allows users to define complex match keys from within the program.

Exception-Handling Logic: Match IQ recognizes exceptions and adds logic to handle them, which improves the accuracy of the matching process. For instance, blank fields can sometimes cause two unrelated records to match, or they can disqualify matching records that the software should group, depending on the rules set by the user.

Match IQ can run on a company’s on-premise server or preferred cloud server option, such as AWS or Azure. Firstlogic provides Match IQ as a standalone product or as part of the comprehensive Firstlogic Data Quality IQ™ Suite. To learn more about Match IQ and the rest of the Firstlogic Data Quality products visit the website at

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