Enterprise Connectors

Enterprise Connectors

Deploy data quality capabilities with pre-built data quality connectors designed for easy plug-in integration.

SAP® DQM for SAP Applications


SAP® Data Quality Management software, version for SAP solutions, helps you manage the quality of your information in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and master data governance (MDG) software from SAP.

Key Capabilities

Prevent and eliminate duplicate entries in SAP applications, verify and correct data loaded into applications and enforce data discipline at numerous touch points.

  • Data quality management – Integrate data quality into SAP applications
  • Global data processing – Support global postal validation for more than 230 countries in a single pass, and support identification and standardization of global addresses
  • Duplicate checking – Prevent storage of redundant information
  • Data cleansing – Cleanse data at the point of entry and on a periodic basis to help ensure ongoing data accuracy and completeness
  • Interactive address interface – Complete addresses that have minimal or ambiguous data
Business Benefits
  • Help ensure accuracy of information with software that lets you correct, validate, and format addresses
  • Enhance efficiency of business processes by verifying addresses while preventing duplication of stored information
  • Improve service to customers and business partners by allowing users to identify customer, vendor, and business records with limited amounts of information, as well as by updating  information to existing records for  a single, comprehensive view


SAP® DQM for Siebel® Applications

Siebel® CRM & UCM

SAP® DQM for Siebel CRM & UCM Connector leverages the SAP® Data Quality Management software platform to enable both real-time and batch address cleansing and duplicate detection for Siebel CRM & UCM systems.

Key Capabilities

Prevent dissatisfied customers since business and marketing programs based on poor data quality result in the poor targeting of the best customers and suppliers.  Also, because the proliferation of bad data throughout the enterprise limits the ability to make solid business decisions due to lack of trust in the data driving business efforts.

  • Cleanse and correct data from more than 234 countries upon initial data capture
  • Prevent duplicate records from entering the system with real-time matching
  • Enable fuzzy searching for easy look-ups
  • Geocoding options for latitude and longitude location awareness
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV) functionality verifies addresses are deemed as known addresses ensuring successful delivery
  • Automated data cleansing of data within Siebel CRM & UCM
  • Referential data resources for corrected and standardized records
  • Powerful matching capabilities with prebuilt data flows configurable to your business rules
  • Duplicate resolution performed with Siebel’s consolidation routines
  • Incremental matching for recently updated records
Business Benefits
  • Cleanse Data Early – identify and correct data as it’s entered in your CRM application
  • Increase Efficiency – simplify and streamline data entry processes for better customer experiences
  • Comprehensive Customer View – representation of a customer in a single best record view
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns – eliminate undeliverable, duplicate and returned mail
  • Trusted Decisions – consistent, up-to date and deduplicated data enables confident decision-making
  • Profitable Outcomes – accurately profile customers and maximize interactions with prospects


SAP® DQM for Informatica® Applications

Informatica® PowerCenter®

SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) for Informatica PowerCenter Connector leverages the SAP® Data Quality Management software platform to provide a prebuilt solution with fully integrated transforms and data flows to improve data quality for your Informatica® PowerCenter® platform.

Key Capabilities

Prevent dirty data, inconsistent definitions and semantics, silos of information, and a lack of transparency from impacting your data.

  • Gain greater support for core business processes and business users
  • Process structured and unstructured data formats
  • Prepare information for matching through parsing and standardization
  • Deploy global address and data cleansing plus matching that satisfies specific locale and language functionality
  • Match and consolidate imported files, set match criteria, split files into smaller groups for faster matching, and eliminate duplicates
  • Enforce your organization’s unique business rules reducing business disruption caused by poor quality data
  • Ensure all information entering your data warehouse or data store is the best fit for your organization
  • Eliminate extra cost and time with early detection of potential problems in data migration projects
Business Benefits
  • Deliver high-quality data in support of efficient, well-prepared data migration and data quality projects
  • Eliminate duplicate and inaccurate information to reduce business disruption
  • Support core business processes and users by providing a foundation of trusted, quality data
  • Improve project management and efficiency with greater visibility and process transparency
  • Enable early detection of potential problems in data migration projects