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On-Premise/Virtual-Cloud Software

Firstlogic® DQ software is designed for high precision, performance and productivity.  This batch version allows your company to run high volumes of data in your secured on-premise data center or a virtual-cloud data center like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.  Available on Windows®, Linux®, Solaris® and AIX®.

Firstlogic FirstPrepTM
File Preparation

File Preparation is the step where marketers define characteristics of their jobs and identify the data to be used. This module guides you through the process, provides a critical data review opportunity, and allows you to predict volumes for targeted list segments, versions, or timed distribution.


  • Create your format and definition files and link them to your input file.
  • Count and sort on fields in your data.
  • Convert file types and merge multiple files into one input file.
  • Create several smaller filters and join them together in different combinations based on your business needs.
  • Link the filters to specific output files.
  • Count the number of records that will be included in each output file based on your criteria.
  • Datasheet View shows the field names as column headings with record data listed below.
  • Format Editor View allows format modification and shows your data with the defined field names.
  • Format Definition window is where you set your field names, types, and lengths.
  • Definition Field Mapping enables mapping of input file fields to application input fields.
  • Data Selection allows you to create new output files using one or more filters on an input file or by joining input fields to create a new output layout.

Supported Platforms


Supporting Documents

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Firstlogic ACE®
Address Correction & Encoding

Firstlogic ACE provides USPS® CASS™, NCOALink®, and DSF address cleansing, as well as address level geocoding for the United States. Choose the address correction and enhancement services appropriate for each job using ACE’s menu-driven interface or edit simple job files. Firstlogic ACE is powered by the world-class SAP® DQM platform.

  • Ensure the accuracy of prospect, customer and vendor location information through USPS® CASS Certified® address cleansing.
  • Identify your customers and vendors who relocate through USPS® NCOALink® national change of address cleansing.
  • Target precise locations of your customers and vendors with address-level and parcel-level latitude and longitude geocoding.
  • Features

    • US National Directory (Zip + 4®) – Appends data to your addresses such as ZIP+4 codes, carrier routes, and eLOT data.
    • CASS™ – Validates and corrects addresses, ensuring complete, correct, and current data using the powerful SAP CASS-Certified ACE address engine and CASS directories.
    • DPV® – Determines if addresses are valid USPS delivery points.
    • LACSLink® – Converts rural route, highway contract, and rural route box number addresses to street addresses.
    • SuiteLink® – Adds secondary suite information to business addresses.
    • NCOALink® – Leverages SAP Mover ID software to identify over 40 million Americans who move every year.
    • RDI™ – Determines whether an address is residential or commercial.
    • Z4CHANGE – Provides a cost-effective means of limiting processing to those addresses with ZIP+4 changes in the last 12 months.
    • DSF Ready – Generates delivery sequence sorting information, including address information such as seasonal, vacant, residential, and business indicators.
    • Geocoding – assign latitude and longitude at the address-level or parcel-level accuracy.
    • Firstlogic’s DQ platform meets USPS® CASS™ requirements by leveraging CASS Certified™ SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N software.

    USPS NCOALink® Certified Platform

    • NCOALink® Certified Product: SAP America, Inc. Mover ID 6.4
    • Provides National Change of Address software for 18-month End User Mailer (EUM) and Limited Service Provider (LSP) or 48-month Full Service Provider (FSP).
    • Firstlogic’s DQ platform meets Move Update requirements by leveraging our partnership with SAP. Users acquire SAP’s Mover ID solution and work directly with SAP to meet USPS® certification. Firstlogic guides customers through the certification process.
    • SAP America, Inc. is a certified licensed NCOALink Interface Distributor of the United States Postal Service®.

    USPS DSF Ready

    • USPS DSFReady Product: SAP America, Inc. ACE 08.06.00.N
    • Provides second generation Delivery Sequence File with vacant, residential, business and seasonal address information.
    • Firstlogic’s DQ platform will enable users to achieve the highest level of address quality by leveraging our partnership with SAP. Users certify directly with the USPS for DSF certification. Firstlogic guides customers through the certification process.

    Supported Platforms

    Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®

    Supporting Documents

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    Firstlogic DataRight IQ®
    Data Parsing, Standardization & Enhancement

    Firstlogic DataRight IQ parses, standardizes, and enhances all types of data, including names, firms, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, and dates, as well as user-defined patterns and data.

  • Personalization increases the effectiveness of communications, but your data needs to be in shape to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Ensure your data fields used to control printed content contain legitimate values in every record.
  • DataRight IQ makes the task of standardizing data manageable.
  • Personalize with confidence by using the DataRight IQ tools to manipulate the data.
  • Features

    • Non-address data parsing, standardization and enhancement.
    • User-defined pattern matching support.
    • List conversion for up to 255 input files in any record layout and/or one of four file types. (ASCII, delimited, dBase3, EBCDIC).
    • Intelligent casing.
    • User modifiable dictionaries for parsing and capitalization.
    • Gender determination and pre-name (Mr./Ms.) assignment.
    • Match standards (nicknames) for individuals (i.e. Margaret and Peg).
    • Search and replace functions.
    • Input and output record filtering.
    • Firstlogic scripting for output field creation or filtering of output data.
    • Up to 12 lines of floating name and address data within a record.

    Supported Platforms

    Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®

    Supporting Documents

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    2. Firstlogic-DQ10-Product-Overview
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    Firstlogic Match/Consolidate®
    Data Parsing, Matching & Consolidation

    Firstlogic Match/Consolidate provides powerful data matching, deduplication, householding and consolidation by leveraging sophisticated matching algorithms to identify unique relationships.

  • Multiple collection sources often cause differences in spelling, data field distribution, formal vs. informal references and missing elements.
  • Combine data from multiple sources to compile a single view of each customer.
  • Eliminate the expense and embarrassment of producing duplicate mail pieces.
  • Use householding techniques to communicate with customers more effectively.
  • Features

    • Address and Non-Address data parsing, matching and consolidation.
    • Quickly uncover relationships within one or multiple data sources.
    • Identify duplicates to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Combine both internal and external data into a single file to create a streamlined view of your customers.
    • Match and consolidate account records to create a single, complete view of customer addresses.
    • Detect and eliminate duplicates so you can delete them from your customer database and mailing lists.
    • Use “householding” techniques to identify members of the same household or to identify employees of a single company at the corporate level.
    • Define and implement your own business rules to identify customers within data sets.
    • Process multiple sets of business rules so you can identify hidden relationships in your data.
    • Assign unique identification numbers for records to create relationships between different sets of data.
    • Selectively choose data on a field-by-field basis to build a “best” consolidated record.
    • Combine records by matching different forms of the same name or firm such as “Beth” and “Elizabeth” or “AT&T and “ATT.”
    • Utilize suppression lists to remove records that shouldn’t be included in a campaign.

    Supported Platforms

    Windows®,Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®

    Supporting Documents

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    2. Firstlogic-DQ10-Product-Overview
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    Firstlogic PAF ManagerTM
    NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) Management

    Firstlogic PAF Manager is a streamlined Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) information management system for USPS NCOALink Licensees which allows users to conveniently maintain current PAF data and documentation.


    • Create a new PAF and generate a PDF ready for customer signature
    • Easily see warnings on PAFs about to expire within a specified timeframe
    • Renew and modify an existing PAF
    • Enter Licensee information once and it will autofill when creating a new PAF
    • Edit Broker/Agent or List Administrator Information
    • Attach signed forms to a PAF record in the database
    • Search & Display PAF Forms

    Comply With USPS PAF Process

    • This tool helps users build their company’s PAF procedures and adhere to strict USPS PAF guidelines.

    Simple User Interface

    • Users can easily search the PAF database to create, renew or modify a PAF, then generate a PAF PDF document ready for signatures. Simply attach signed PDF’s to the PAF database.

    Easily Manage Required Attachments

    • The application manages attached forms required for the PAF process. Select which forms to copy to renewed or modified PAF’s.

    Save Time Entering Licensee Information

    • Enter licensee information only once. The application auto-populates new PAF’s with stored data.

    Simplify NAICS Data Lookup

    • Import North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) data and simply lookup the appropriate code without leaving the Firstlogic PAF Manager.

    Supported Platforms


    Supported Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SAP SQL Anywhere, Oracle

    Supporting Documents

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    Workflow API Software

    Firstlogic® DQ software is designed for high precision, performance and productivity.  This real-time version allows your company to integrate address cleansing, data cleansing and matching capabilities directly into your existing workflows or custom real-time applications via Java, .net or C++ APIs. Available on Windows®, Linux®, Solaris® and AIX®.

    Firstlogic DQ Workflow APIs

    Firstlogic DQ Workflow APIs allow customers to embed address cleansing, data cleansing, matching and enhancement capabilities inside custom workflow applications.  These JAVA, .Net and C++ API’s ensure the integrity and completeness of data and can maximize developer productivity for operational, analytic, or governance initiatives.


    • Embed data quality capabilities within your custom workflows and applications.
    • Simple, light and flexible Java, .Net and C++ APIs for software development ease of use.
    • Integrate U.S. Address Cleansing options including CASS, NCOALink 18/48 month and DSF2
    • Integrate U.S. Geocoding to add latitude & longitude to addresses.
    • Integrate International Address Cleansing for up to 220 Countries.
    • Integrate Data Cleansing for name and firm parsing, standardizing and validating with the pre-built data dictionary.
    • Integrate Matching capability for data de-duplication, relationship identification and householding.
    • Deploy real-time point of entry validation and matching for potential duplicates.

    Supported Platforms

    Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®

    Supporting Documents

    1. Firstlogic-DQ10-Product-Brief
    2. Firstlogic-DQ10-Product-Overview
    3. Dirty Data – What’s It Costing You?

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