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SAP® Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Run a successful digital business with complete, trusted, and relevant data

Deliver information excellence with enterprise information management (EIM). Support capabilities to understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, associate, and archive your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights.

SAP® Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Solve your specific enterprise information management needs

Data is at the center of everything you do, the heart of every decision you make. Discover how to help ensure that decisions are being made with all the relevant data.

  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward
  • SAP Data Hub
  • SAP Agile Data Preparation
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

SAP® Data Services

Integrate, transform, and improve your enterprise data and make it available for real-time innovation.

sap data services device trnsdimtr - SAP® Software
Unlock maximum value from all of your organization’s data – structured or unstructured – with exceptional functionality for data integration, quality, and cleansing. Transform your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight – and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Data quality and integration
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Simplified maintenance
Key Benefits

Access data for a broader perspective

  • Gain contextual insight and unlock the true value of your data. Create a complete view of your information by accessing data of any size and from any source.

Achieve excellence in information management

  • Improve decision-making and operational efficiency by standardizing, correcting, and matching data to reduce duplicates, identify relationships, and correct quality issues proactively.

Connect data to discover insights

  • Connect critical data on premise, in the cloud, or within Big Data. Use intuitive tools to integrate operational, analytical, machine-generated, and geographic data.
Key Capabilities

Universal data access

  • Access and integrate all enterprise data sources and targets (SAP and non-SAP) with built-in, native connectors.

Native-text data processing

  • Unlock meaning from unstructured text data to increase business insight.

Intuitive business user interfaces

  • Standardize, correct, and match data with ease to reduce duplicates and identify relationships.

Data quality dashboards

  • Show the impact of data quality issues across all downstream systems or applications.

Simplified data governance

  • Transform all types of data with a centralized business rule repository and object reuse.

High performance and scalability

  • Meet high-volume needs by enabling parallel processing, grid computing, and bulk data loading.
Key Features

Data Integration

Integrate, connect, and process all structured or unstructured critical data from SAP or non-SAP sources, within Big Data or enterprise solutions

sap data services device mtrdtqual - SAP® Software

Gain access to your data anytime, anywhere
  • Support databases, applications, files, transports, and unstructured content across 31 languages.
  • Add connectivity as new or popular sources become needed and tap into the expertise of our partners to access mainframe data sources and handle changed data capture for certain data sources.
Integrate tightly with SAP applications
  • Benefit from native access to SAP Business Suite applications.
  • SAP Data Services understands the application model fully and accesses relevant metadata.
  • Plus, it reads data based on programming languages such as ABAP, IDocs, BAPI, RFC, and SAP extractors.
Interconnect with SAP Data Hub
  • Orchestrate data flows from SAP Data Services through SAP Data Hub.
  • This approach provides computing node and connector options.
Stay connected to non-SAP solutions
  • Leverage native support for non-SAP data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Oracle, HP Vertica, MySQL, Netezza, and adapters for Apache Hive, HTTP, JDBC, JMS, MongoDB, and OData.
  • You can further expand Big Data and cloud support with Microsoft, Azure, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services, Impala, Cassandra, OData, and Hive.
Optimize SAP Data Services for SAP HANA
  • Apply a built-in, intelligent optimizer that will decide to use an ELT (Extract Load Transform) approach, pushing down all operations to the target database, or a traditional ETL approach.
  • The choice is made based on the complexity of the transforms in the data flow.
  • With the ELT approach, SAP Data Services leverages the processing power of SAP HANA for maximum performance.
Fine-tune data replication and transformation
  • Take advantage of multiple and unique data-capture mechanisms with replicate-transform-load (RTL) concepts.

Data Quality

Transform, cleanse, match, and consolidate data by understanding the impact of quality problems on all downstream systems and applications.
sap data services device trnsfmclns - SAP® Software

Provide a user-friendly experience
  • Accelerate time to deployment and simplify maintenance to lower total cost of ownership.
  • Adopt a productive approach to design, test, debug, edit, maintain, run, and monitor data integration and data quality jobs – from one interface, with one product, on one environment, and through one sign-on.
Deliver ready-to-use transformations
  • Interpret, standardize, correct, enrich, match, and consolidate your customer and operational information assets by extending functionality with user-defined changes and customer functions.
Build trust in your data
  • Reveal a single version of the truth by cleaning your dirty data. Define and standardize data with built-in address and data cleansing to uncover quality issues, expose hidden problems, and identify untapped relationships.

Data Profiling

Improve performance and scale from one server to many to meet high-volume data needs with parallel processing, grid computing, and bulk data loading.
sap data services device trnsditxt - SAP® Software

Enable unlimited scalability and high availability
  • Design data services to run in a top-down, right-to-left manner to execute queries automatically with multiple parallel threads.
  • You can also execute the same job – whether in multiple parallel processes on one server or with multiple servers – to improve performance.
Treat your data as a high-value asset
  • Secure data access with a public key and maintain data relevance and relationships while keeping sensitive information confidential, anonymous, and compliant.
  • Support encryption, decryption, and masking as part of the regular transformation of the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process.

Text Data Processing

Unlock meaning from unstructured text data to increase business insights by supporting a wide variety of SAP and non-SAP information sources.
sap data services device trnsdtqual - SAP® Software

Extract and understand your unstructured texts
  • Distill unstructured documents from 220 different file and text formats, as well as semi-structured data in 31 languages.
  • Pull insights from key entities, facts, relationships, sentiment, tokens, and linguistic artifacts.

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SAP® Information Steward

Impact your business with improved data stewardship and data integrity

sap information steward device pflimct - SAP® Software
Monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity with SAP Information Steward software. Combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimize processes, and enhance operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Information governance
  • Metadata management
  • Data quality and profiling
Key Benefits

Maximize your visibility into data quality metrics

  • Gain a better understanding of data quality across your data management landscape.
  • Access and analyze metrics by using intuitive dashboards and scorecards.

Enhance data governance with consistent processes

  • Improve enterprise information management initiatives by supporting analysts, data stewards, and IT experts with consistent validation rules and guidelines.

Lower IT costs and complexity with one solution

  • Discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of your enterprise data assets with data profiling and metadata management – all with one solution.
Key Capabilities

sap information steward device scrcd - SAP® Software

Information governance

  • Facilitate collaboration among data analysts, data stewards, and IT experts to substantially improve your enterprise information management initiatives and overall data integrity.

Monitoring of data quality

  • Get a complete view of data quality reports by using dashboards and scorecards.
  • Narrow the profiling results to a specific data set to better understand business impacts of poor data.

Data-related cost savings

  • Forecast the potential savings of improved data quality by running what-if analyses.
  • Then, use this information to secure funding and support for your data quality initiatives.

Data profiling

  • Support governance processes that define data ownership in accordance with business needs, roles, and policies. Find error hot spots where controls should be refined and adjusted.

Metadata management

  • Enhance operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives by automating the collection of technical and business metadata for your applications repository and dictionary.

Cleansing package builder

  • Empower experts to develop custom data-cleansing solutions for any domain to identify and address upstream causes of data issues and reduce the cost of downstream cleanup.

Data lineage

  • Help ensure your information is accurate and trustworthy by evaluating the merits of changes in your data structures and sources to lower risk and improve data quality.

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    SAP® Data Hub

    Create competitive advantage by orchestrating your data

    sap data hub device wkfldisc - SAP® Software

    Take an agile approach to managing data in a diverse landscape with our data operations workflow solution. SAP Data Hub is an enterprise-ready solution that provides governance and orchestration for data refinement and enrichment by pipelining many complex data processing operations, like machine learning.

    • On-premise or cloud deployment
    • Scalable data operations and landscape management
    • Accelerated and expanded data projects
    • Agile, data-driven applications
    • Centralized data visibility and governance
    Key Benefits

    Data Operations Management

    • Experience a scalable approach to data operations and landscape management with enterprise-wide data orchestration.

    Accelerated Data Projects

    • Expand your data projects by easily creating powerful data pipelines in an intuitive design environment.

    Data-Driven Applications

    • Accelerate your business by using a distributed processing approach that allows the data to be processed at the source, where possible.
    Key Features

    Accelerate and expand data flow across a diverse data landscape with data-sharing, pipelining, and orchestration capabilities.

    Management of Entire Landscape

    sap data hub device ckptdisc - SAP® Software
    Achieve a comprehensive, open data landscape by enabling users to work across diverse data sources and applications with relevant governance and security processes in place.

    • Provide quick access to tools that can be applied to end-to-end business scenarios
    • Embed related tools or create custom links to frequently used tools and pages
    Landscape management
    • Enable, view, and control various landscape connections
    • Manage zones and systems that are essential for different security concepts
    Security and policies
    • Establish security settings and policies for identity control for users, groups, and roles
    • Streamline policy management and security logging

    Data Pipelines and Refinement

    sap data hub device disc - SAP® Software
    Create complex, multistep data pipelines to refine and augment or enrich data at the source, and provide a full landscape view of data lineage and quality to improve decision-making.

    Data discovery and preparation
    • Learn more about your data by accessing, profiling, and transforming it as you navigate through a connected system
    • Accelerate results through self-service data preparation processes
    Metadata management and cataloging
    • Manage metadata intuitively to see how different data sets fit together
    • Ensure that different data formats and objects are semantically translated in proper schemas by interpreting the information

    Complex Data-Processing Operations

    sap data hub device pipln - SAP® Software
    Execute powerful data flows quickly using distributed local processing with scheduling and monitoring across the data landscape, and create a comprehensive, open data landscape with security, governance, and identity control features.

    • Create profile data sets and provide metrics
    • Determine proper metadata descriptions of source data sets
    • Unify workflows and orchestrate and execute them in a given order
    • Define and execute several tasks, including data pipelines, file operations, and data flow graphs
    Security and policies
    • Establish security settings and policies for identity control for users, groups, and roles
    • Enable enterprise-wide policy management and security logging

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    SAP® Agile Data Preparation

    Transform, normalize, and profile your data on premise or in the cloud

    sap agile data preparation device dpndsgt - SAP® Software
    Gain data discovery, integration, and transformation capabilities with SAP Agile Data Preparation, a self-service data preparation application. Quickly transform data into actionable, efficiently consumable information. Drive more successful analytics, data migration, and MDM initiatives.

    • On-premise or cloud deployment
    • Self-service data preparation
    • Data cleansing
    • Data integration
    Key Benefits

    Drive user collaboration and sharing

    • Empower business users to instantly improve the value and usefulness of data by discovering, preparing, and sharing data without help from IT.

    Discover data in a new, agile way

    • Get fast insights by quickly importing multiple data sets from any source, and let the software guide you through ways to cleanse, enrich, and combine your data.

    Enable data curation for better analysis

    • Prepare data sets with a visual, interactive interface that is designed for ease of use and suggests one-click fixes for inaccurate, incomplete, and duplicate data.
    Key Capabilities

    sap agile data preparation device scrdshbrd - SAP® Software

    One-click data actions

    • Prepare data without any technical scripting skills
    • Apply actions such as filtering, aggregates, merging, appending, and formulas in just a few clicks

    Automatic cleansing and deduplication of data

    • Cleanse or deduplicate data based on different content types, such as address, person, firm, phone number, or e-mail address, automatically
    • Define the format you are expecting and the information that should be reflected for every content type

    Operationalized data sets

    • View, at any moment, the action history of the data preparation workflow
    • Streamline consumption of the prepared data with the latest, most trusted data available

    Supporting Documents

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    SAP® HANA Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

    See your business clearly – with SAP HANA’s data access, integration, quality and virtualization capabilities

    SAP® HANA Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
    Get data from any source without sacrificing performance – with built-in SAP HANA data access, integration, quality, and virtualization capabilities.

    • Our platform supports federated queries, data replication, remote data sync, and processes to improve data quality.
    • Access data inside and outside your organization for full business visibility in a simplified IT landscape.
    Key Capabilities

    Smart Data Access (SDA)

    HANA Data Federation Cover - SAP® Software

    Query data remotely – without moving it with data federation capabilities
    • Give information workers instant access to all of your organization’s data – with SAP HANA smart data access technology.
    • Federate queries on remote data sources – including Hadoop, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), and other databases.
    • And retrieve relevant answers without the cost and effort of migrating data.

    Smart Data Integration (SDI)

    HANA Data Integration Cover - SAP® Software

    Deliver data from anywhere, when and where it’s needed with data integration and replication capabilities
    • Maintain business continuity with data that is always available.
    • With SAP HANA data integration capabilities, you can move data across multiple sources and targets to satisfy a host of business needs.
    • Ensure high availability and disaster recovery, make informed decisions based on the latest information, and more.
    • Our smart data integration technology also provides a single user interface for real-time data replication in batches or in real time.
    • It offers pre-built adapters to common data sources and an SDK adapter that lets you get data from any source – for a 360-degree view of your business.

    Smart Data Quality (SDQ)

    HANA Data Quality Cover - SAP® Software

    Improve data quality and reliability
    • Deliver accurate, trustworthy data to decision makers – with SAP HANA smart data quality.
    • Manage quality issues across all domains and sources, and cleanse data with SAP HANA.
    • Now you can standardize, validate, and match entities – names, titles, phone numbers, e-mails, and more – to ensure accuracy.
    • You can also use geocoding to enrich address data with location intelligence.
    • With the SAP Agile Data Preparation application powered by SAP HANA, you can provide self-service data preparation capabilities to your organization and allow users to simplify the way they discover and shape data.

    Remote Data Sync (RDS)

    HANA Data RemoteSync Cover - SAP® Software

    Make your data available remotely
    • With SAP HANA remote data synchronization, you can bi-directionally synchronize data between SAP HANA and thousands of SAP SQL Anywhere databases – whether embedded in devices or located at the edge of your network.
    • You can make enterprise data available to remote workplaces or locations beyond the reach of high-bandwidth connections.
    • And you can collect and analyze remote data to monitor devices at distant locations – enabling your entire business to be more responsive.

    Supporting Documents

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    SAP® Business Intelligence (BI)

    Available on premise or in the cloud, our business intelligence tools put actionable information at users’ fingertips. Use our BI tools to eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

    SAP® Business Intelligence (BI)

    Support your growth with a single, centralized platform for reporting and visualization

    sap businessobjects business intelligence cover - SAP® Software
    Share insights and make better decisions with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite. By providing a flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth – from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.

    • On-premise deployment
    • Real-time business intelligence
    • Increased user autonomy
    • Simple, personalized, and dynamic information consumption
    Key Benefits

    Support the changing needs of your business

    • Leverage the latest business intelligence (BI) technologies and a broad array of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform.

    Access comprehensive business intelligence tools

    • Transform your data into useful information and deliver it to the people who need it most, with an extensive suite of business intelligence applications.

    Enable efficient, high-volume content delivery

    • Distribute content, even throughout a very large organization, to ensure all decision makers have anytime, anywhere access to real-time business intelligence.
    Key Capabilities

    Reporting and analysis

    • Enable all business users to understand trends and root causes with easy-to-use BI tools for ad hoc queries, reporting, and analysis in a Web environment.

    Data visualization and analytics applications

    • Build impactful BI visualization, dashboards, and analytics applications to assess risk, improve efficiencies, highlight unique insights, and identify opportunities.

    Office integration

    • Use intuitive tools to filter and manipulate data, identify trends and outliers from within Microsoft Excel, and share findings in live Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
    Key Features

    Reporting and Analysis

      • Empower business users to understand trends and root causes with ad hoc queries and BI reporting.

    sap businessobjects business intelligence device crtdshbiadm - SAP® Software

    Enterprise reporting system
    • Guide your overall business intelligence strategy using an enterprise reporting system.
    Tools for business users
    • Enable business users to gain meaningful insights to support decision-making.
    Ad-hoc reporting
    • Get instant answers to ad hoc business questions – and easily share your findings.

    Data Visualization and Analytics Applications

      Build impactful visualizations, dashboards, and applications to assess risk, improve efficiency, and identify opportunities.

    sap businessobjects business intelligence device lmrevkpi - SAP® Software

    Self-service features
    • Empower business users with intuitive, self-service visualization tools to combine data, analyze trends, and tell stories.
    Cross-enterprise sharing
    • Use sharing functionality to communicate business insights with colleagues and support decision-making across your organization.
    Role-based dashboards
    • Create interactive, role-based BI dashboards that deliver information to decision makers – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

    Office Integration

      Use multidimensional data analysis capabilities to filter and manipulate data, and identify trends and outliers.

    sap businessobjects business intelligence device exdtinvchrt - SAP® Software

    Real-time analytics
    • Connect with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA to power real-time analytics.
    Large-scale data analysis
    • Analyze large data sets to discover in-depth business insights and forecast business drivers using Microsoft Excel.
    Embedded analytics in Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Share discoveries by embedding data analytics information into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

    Supporting Documents

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    SAP® Analytics Cloud

    Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks with our cloud-based business intelligence software

    sap cloud analytics device tbltbr - SAP® Software
    Discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience designed expressly for the cloud. Access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes to turn instant insight into quick action.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Real-time analytics
    • Ad-hoc queries
    • Collaboration tools
    Key Benefits

    Analytics reimagined

    • Empower your business with trusted, secure, self-serve analytics. Deliver consistent, accurate insight to the business – conveniently accessible in the cloud.

    Simplified planning

    • Eliminate separate reporting and analytics tools, planning products, and spreadsheets with one cloud solution for collaborative business planning.

    Cloud analytics beyond bias

    • Experience smart technology that automatically analyzes data, revealing key influencers in natural language and supporting what-if scenarios and simulations.
    Key Capabilities

    Business Intelligence

    • Get real-time insights and explore data with self-service data discovery features.
    • Deliver accurate, consistent data with native connectivity and tools for data governance.


    • Plan across the business with one simple planning platform for everyone.
    • Take advantage of advanced visualization, built-in collaboration and embedded intelligence for better data-driven decisions.

    Predictive Analytics

    • Use in-memory technology from SAP HANA and guided machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights and assess future outcomes – both live and in the moment.
    Key Features
      SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities are built on SAP Cloud Platform, powered by our in-memory technology SAP HANA, and can be extended to any device.

    Planning and Analysis

    Collaboratively plan across the business with one simple application that brings planning and analytics together to help everyone make better decisions.
    sap cloud analytics device tblgrph - SAP® Software

    Act in the moment
    • Analyze, plan, predict, and report all in one place to save time and better support the business. Plan and analyze directly within your enterprise solution for instant insight to action, and visualize performance metrics and adjust drivers on screen to simulate the impact of decisions.
    Enable continuous collaboration
    • Discuss plans in context for increased accountability – and interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going.
    • By crowdsourcing plans and budgets across the business, you can increase engagement and accuracy.
    Become an intelligent enterprise
    • Discover top influencers of performance without having to look for and predict future values to save time and improve results.
    • Augment manual insights with embedded intelligence for better, data-driven decisions, and ask questions in natural language to get the answers you need.
    Leverage a single financial platform
    • Use an integrated planning and analysis platform for SAP S/4HANA to act in the moment with transactions, analytics, and planning all in one solution.
    • Spend less time on transactional work and more time delivering instant value-added insights.

    Business Intelligence

      Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks. Blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualizations, and run ad-hoc reports.

    sap cloud analytics device tbltbar - SAP® Software

    Create business intelligence from the cloud
    • Cloud-based authoring lets you gain business insight directly from a Web browser – eliminating the need to install new software on your desktop.
    Access on-premise and cloud data
    • Data connectors provide hybrid data access to your most critical data sources, including SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Analytics solutions, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and non-SAP applications.
    Explore, discover, visualize, and communicate data
    • Filter and drill into data to get quick answers to business questions.
    • Build insightful data visualizations, business intelligence dashboards, and storyboards that engage and inspire your audience.
    • Best practices and proven design standards help you create clear communications.
    Gain access to real-time business intelligence
    • Powerful data analytics tools offer instant access to new insights – regardless of the size of your data volumes – when you use SAP Cloud Platform and the high-performance, in-memory computing power of SAP HANA.
    Use embedded analytics
    • Take advantage of extensive self-service business intelligence capabilities, embedded Big Data analytics features, ad-hoc reporting, and what-if analysis – all built into the application.
    Discuss and share insights in context
    • Built-in social collaboration tools help you intuitively work and share information with others – with no need to switch to another screen or application.
    • Social collaboration tools help you speed time to action.

    Smart Assist

      Get automatic insights at any level of detail – from a data point to a model – powered by advanced machine learning and predictive technologies.

    sap cloud analytics device tbltchrt - SAP® Software

    Perform guided analysis with Smart Discovery
    • Discover the key influencers behind your KPIs and run powerful simulations.
    • Using the predictive functionality of Smart Discovery, you can gain decision-making clarity, make more-informed choices, and take action.
    • You can also share insights with your colleagues quickly and easily.
    Explore data nuances with Smart Insights
    • Uncover contributing factors to your data points using natural language and visual explanations.
    • By activating Smart Insights, you can quickly develop a clear understanding of even the most complex aspects of your data.
    Improve data models with Smart Transformations
    • Automate repetitive data preparation workflows and enhance data models faster than ever.
    • Using suggestions from Smart Transformations, you can rapidly clean and prepare your data.
    Gather similar data points with Smart Grouping
    • Create clusters of comparable data points automatically, based on selected information.
    • You can specify the number of groups or ask Smart Assist to recommend the right number. Use this feature to identify customer groups, perform behavioral segmentation, and categorize inventory.

    Supporting Documents

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    2. SAP Analytics Cloud: Planning for Everyone

    SAP® Crystal Reports

    Design and deliver meaningful business reports to simplify and accelerate decision-making

    sap crystal reports device ytdwsr - SAP® Software
    Create a clear picture of your business based on data from virtually any source. This intuitive business intelligence and reporting tool helps you give colleagues, customers, and partners the information they need in the format of their choice. Integrate with popular solutions to add data visualizations, dashboards, and more.

    • Cloud or on-premise deployment
    • Powerful reporting tools that deliver insights in various formats
    • Broad connectivity with diverse data sources
    • Access to actionable information online or offline
    Key Benefits

    Deliver pixel-perfect reports

    • Create highly formatted reports quickly with an intuitive design interface and efficient workflows.

    Support scalable, efficient content delivery

    • Distribute content, even throughout very large organizations, in standard formats such as PDF, spreadsheets, and HTML.

    Generate multilingual reports

    • Choose the languages to be used in reports, set the locale for individual reports, and enable formatting that matches local language customs and conventions.
    Key Capabilities

    sap crystal report device soupprm - SAP® Software

    Interactive report exploration

    • View, sort, and filter reports without querying the database again. Users can answer more questions with fewer, more flexible reports, significantly reducing dependency on IT.

    Parameter panel

    • Set parameter values, with no need to refresh data, using the panel on the report designer and report viewers.

    Broad data connectivity

    • Create direct connectivity to data sources without data modeling, and gain a trusted view of data with semantic layer enhancements and connectivity with SAP Business Warehouse.

    Build an intuitive design environment

    • Use intuitive design tools to create the report layouts you need
    • Reduce time spent on report formatting with templates and wizards
    • Set parameter values and get results without refreshing data
    • Explore results interactively with on-report sorting and filtering that matches local customs

    Accelerate design

    • Use advanced features, such as global formula search and duplicate formula, to speed report design
    • Automate hyperlink creation with the hyperlink wizard
    • Generate barcodes instantly
    • Set report parameters and apply values from a single, easy-to-use parameter panel

    Create powerful data mashups

    • Convey information in a compelling way with enhanced design features
    • Add dynamic charts, graphics, and videos to reports using Adobe Flash
    • Visualize what-if scenarios with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration
    • Execute business decisions within reports by embedding Adobe Flex

    Make the most of varied deployment options

    • Blast personalized reports to recipients by integrating with SAP Crystal Server
    • Access interactive data online using data drivers for enhanced Web services
    • Simplify access to complete customer data with a driver
    • Integrate reports into business processes quickly with XML exporting

    Supporting Documents

    1. SAP Crystal Reports: Design and Deliver Pixel Perfect Reports Presenting Business Critical Information

    SAP® Lumira

    Build impactful business intelligence (BI) visualization to assess risk, improve efficiencies, highlight unique insights, and identify opportunities

    sap lumira device dscdtcrt - SAP® Software
    Harness data company-wide so you can gain and share unprecedented insight to compete boldly in today’s digital economy. SAP Lumira software combines self-service BI discovery and visualization with interactive dashboards and analytic applications – all in one solution that rapidly promotes insight across the organization.

    • On-premise and cloud deployment
    • Single, simple design canvas that fosters collaboration between the business and IT and speeds adoption
    • Inclusive self-service analytics across every line of business
    • Real-time performance and insight with an optimized solution
    Key Benefits

    Bring business and IT teams together

    • Deliver insights and analytics applications quickly with one solution for self-service data visualization, real-time analysis, and advanced development tools.

    Simplify the user and administration experience

    • Ease the learning curve for creating and consuming analytics. A simple interface and home page helps users connect to any data source and document on their own.

    Optimized access to governed secure data

    • Enable IT to manage, govern, and deliver fresh data to business users to uncover hidden insights and drive decision-making, eliminating the need for shadow IT.
    Key Capabilities

    Tell the story with self-service data visualization

    • Explore and analyze data online with a simple-to-use solution. Create stories with BI visualizations from all types of data that others can leverage, build on, and share.

    Create analytics applications and dashboards

    • Develop interactive, mobile-ready dashboards and analytics applications to collaborate with users and their data stories and provide fingertip access to actionable insight.

    Secure trusted access and scalability

    • Connect to data anytime, anywhere for deeper insights and informed decision-making on the go. Explore data with filters, drill-down capabilities, and hierarchal navigation.
    Key Features

    Build advanced analytics

      Share documents collaboratively with SAP Lumira, designer edition. Apply mature scripting and integrations to turn simple reports into rich analytics.

    sap lumira device dsclngrph 1 - SAP® Software

    Connect and visualize business intelligence

      Allow users to quickly connect to spreadsheets or databases and create ad-hoc data visualizations and dashboards.

    sap lumira device dscrev - SAP® Software

    Tell compelling stories

      Create visualizations from a variety of data. Acquire, manipulate, and merge data sources online and offline by using SAP Lumira, discovery edition.

    sap lumira device dscmp - SAP® Software

    Uncover trusted insights

      Deliver BI visualizations company-wide on one platform. Access insights securely anytime, anywhere, and on any device with SAP Lumira, server edition.

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    1. SAP Lumira: Transformational Analytics for Digital Transformation

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